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Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth (Outfielder)

George Herman Ruth, Jr. (February 6, 1895 - August 16, 1948), best known as "Babe" Ruth and nicknamed "the Bambino" and "the Sultan of Swat", was an American Major League baseball player from 1914-1935. In 1936, Ruth became one of the first five players elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Most Homers Per Decade

DecadePlayer Name# Hit
1870s Lip Pike 20
1880s Harry Stovey 89
1890s Hugh Duffy 83
1900s Harry Davis 67
1910s Gavvy Cravath 116
1920s Babe Ruth 467
1930s Jimmie Foxx 415
1940s Ted Williams 234
1950s Duke Snider 326
1960s Harmon Killebrew 393
1970s Willie Stargell 296
1980s Mike Schmidt 313
1990s Mark McGwire 405

Most Homers Any Decade

 Player Name# HitDecade
1 Babe Ruth 4671920s
2 Jimmie Foxx 4151930s
3 Mark McGwire 4051990s
4 Harmon Killebrew 3931960s
5 Ken Griffey 3821990s
6 Hank Aaron 3751960s
7 Barry Bonds 3611990s
8 Albert Belle 3511990s
9 Willie Mays 3501960s
10 Lou Gehrig 3471930s
11 Juan Gonzalez 3391990s
12 Sammy Sosa 3321990s
13 Rafael Palmeiro 3281990s
14 Duke Snider 3261950s
15 Frank Robinson 3161960s
16 Mike Schmidt 3131980s
17 Gil Hodges 3101950s
18 Dale Murphy 3081980s
18 Mel Ott 3081930s
20 Jose Canseco 3031990s

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Major League Champions

NL 2008 Philadelphia Phillies
AL 2007 Boston Red Sox
NL 2006 St. Louis Cardinals
AL 2005 Chicago White Sox
AL 2004 Boston Red Sox
NL 2003 Florida Marlins
AL 2002 Los Angeles Angels
NL 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks
AL 2000 New York Yankees
AL 1999 New York Yankees
AL 1998 New York Yankees
NL 1997 Florida Marlins
AL 1996 New York Yankees
NL 1995 Atlanta Braves
AL 1994 Chicago White Sox
AL 1994 New York Yankees
AL 1994 Texas Rangers
NL 1994 Cincinnati Reds
NL 1994 Washington Nationals
NL 1994 Los Angeles Dodgers
AL 1993 Toronto Blue Jays
AL 1992 Toronto Blue Jays
AL 1991 Minnesota Twins
NL 1990 Cincinnati Reds
AL 1989 Oakland Athletics
NL 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers
AL 1987 Minnesota Twins
NL 1986 New York Mets
AL 1985 Kansas City Royals
AL 1984 Detroit Tigers
AL 1983 Baltimore Orioles
NL 1982 St. Louis Cardinals
NL 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers
NL 1980 Philadelphia Phillies
NL 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates
AL 1978 New York Yankees
AL 1977 New York Yankees
NL 1976 Cincinnati Reds
NL 1975 Cincinnati Reds
AL 1974 Oakland Athletics
AL 1973 Oakland Athletics
AL 1972 Oakland Athletics
NL 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates
AL 1970 Baltimore Orioles
NL 1969 New York Mets
AL 1968 Detroit Tigers
NL 1967 St. Louis Cardinals
AL 1966 Baltimore Orioles
NL 1965 Los Angeles Dodgers
NL 1964 St. Louis Cardinals
NL 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers
AL 1962 New York Yankees
AL 1961 New York Yankees
NL 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates
NL 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers
AL 1958 New York Yankees
NL 1957 Atlanta Braves
AL 1956 New York Yankees
NL 1955 Los Angeles Dodgers
NL 1954 San Francisco Giants
AL 1953 New York Yankees
AL 1952 New York Yankees
AL 1951 New York Yankees
AL 1950 New York Yankees
AL 1949 New York Yankees
AL 1948 Cleveland Indians
AL 1947 New York Yankees
NL 1946 St. Louis Cardinals
AL 1945 Detroit Tigers
NL 1944 St. Louis Cardinals
AL 1943 New York Yankees
NL 1942 St. Louis Cardinals
AL 1941 New York Yankees
NL 1940 Cincinnati Reds
AL 1939 New York Yankees
AL 1938 New York Yankees
AL 1937 New York Yankees
AL 1936 New York Yankees
AL 1935 Detroit Tigers
NL 1934 St. Louis Cardinals
NL 1933 San Francisco Giants
AL 1932 New York Yankees
NL 1931 St. Louis Cardinals
AL 1930 Oakland Athletics
AL 1929 Oakland Athletics
AL 1928 New York Yankees
AL 1927 New York Yankees
NL 1926 St. Louis Cardinals
NL 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates
AL 1924 Minnesota Twins
AL 1923 New York Yankees
NL 1922 San Francisco Giants
NL 1921 San Francisco Giants
AL 1920 Cleveland Indians
NL 1919 Cincinnati Reds
AL 1918 Boston Red Sox
AL 1917 Chicago White Sox
AL 1916 Boston Red Sox
AL 1915 Boston Red Sox
NL 1914 Atlanta Braves
AL 1913 Oakland Athletics
AL 1912 Boston Red Sox
AL 1911 Oakland Athletics
AL 1910 Oakland Athletics
NL 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates
NL 1908 Chicago Cubs
NL 1907 Chicago Cubs
AL 1906 Chicago White Sox
NL 1905 San Francisco Giants
AL 1904 Boston Red Sox
NL 1904 San Francisco Giants
AL 1903 Boston Red Sox
AL 1902 Oakland Athletics
NL 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates
AL 1901 Chicago White Sox
NL 1901 Pittsburgh Pirates
NL 1900 Los Angeles Dodgers
NL 1899 Los Angeles Dodgers
NL 1898 Atlanta Braves
NL 1897 Atlanta Braves
NL 1896 Baltimore Orioles
NL 1895 Baltimore Orioles
NL 1894 Baltimore Orioles
NL 1893 Atlanta Braves
NL 1892 Atlanta Braves
NL 1891 Atlanta Braves
NL 1889 San Francisco Giants
NL 1888 San Francisco Giants
NL 1887 Detroit Wolverines
NL 1884 Providence Grays
NL 1883 Atlanta Braves
NL 1882 Chicago Cubs
NL 1881 Chicago Cubs
NL 1880 Chicago Cubs
NL 1879 Providence Grays
NL 1878 Atlanta Braves
NL 1877 Atlanta Braves
NL 1876 Chicago Cubs

Defunct Major Leagues

FL 1915 St. Louis Terriers
FL 1914 Indianapolis Hoosiers
AA 1891 Boston Reds
PL 1890 Boston Reds
AA 1886 St. Louis Cardinals
UA 1884 St. Louis Maroons
AA 1883 Philadelphia Athletics
AA 1882 Cincinnati Reds
NA 1875 Boston Red Stockings
NA 1874 Boston Red Stockings
NA 1873 Boston Red Stockings
NA 1872 Boston Red Stockings
NA 1871 Philadelphia Athletics

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Today in Baseball History: Jan 20

On January 20, 1871, the first franchise in the yet-to-be formed National Association is born. The Boston Red Stockings, the league's charter franchise, will be managed by future Hall of Famer Harry Wright. Two months later, the National Association of Baseball Players will officially open for business.

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